BETA GLUCAN 500 = 97% PURE & Patented Beta 1,3 / 1,6 D-Glucan IMMUNE SYSTEM ACTIVATOR

Natural Supplement Which Boosts Immunity To Diseases and Post –Stress Effects

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BETA GLUCAN 500 Directly Activates Own Immunity Which Protects Your Body From Infections, Viruses, Bacterial, Fungal and Parasitic Attacks.

Restores Body's Defences And Recovery To Peak Levels. Promotes Recovery and Restoration of cells, Balances levels of blood pressure and sugar and cholesterol, Wound Healing, Skin And Tissue Growth.
Best for prevention, recovery and boost treatments.
Micronised For Fastest Absorption It’s known as the best supplement during chemotherapy.

Benefits & Special Features

100% NATURAL - Manufactured From Fresh Organic Mushrooms Producing A Totally Safe Way to Turbo Boost Your Body's Immune System And Scientifically Proven To Be Effective Against Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, Parasitic and Infectious Attacks
HIGHEST PURITY 97% - Of Any Beta Glucan On The Market (97%) Therefore It Is The Most Effective PATENTED Extraction
MANUFACTURING PROCESS - Based On 35 Years Of Research In Achieving The Highest Purity Of Beta Glucan
HIGH ABSORPTION - Due To Our Unique Micronisation (Grinding) Process Which Ensures You Receive Maximum Speed Recovery
TESTED - The Best Researchers in Immunology Have Tested Our BETA GLUCAN 500 and Superior Quality Is Confirmed.

How it works

How it works

“Beta 1,3/1,6 D- Glucan is truly a miracle of nature. It can rapidly activate key components of your immune system safely and naturally. Activation begins with your macrophage cells, one of the most important parts of your immune system and its first line of defense againstviral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic attack. These powerful health defenders contain a perfectly matched activating receptor for the uniquely shaped Beta 1,3/1,6 D-Glucan molecule, somewhat like your car is activated only by a specific car key. “

(Dr. Raa, J. (1999), The Internationa Journal of Alternative Therapies, Marshall Publications Ins, Vol 22)

  • “I suffer from lymphedema which causes extreme swelling of my legs and resulting pain, particularly in my knees. I have to admit I was sceptical because nothing else has ever worked, even the pills prescribed by my doctor had little effect. After taking BETA GLUCAN 500 for just 2 weeks I was amazed to see the swelling in my legs reduce dramatically and to my delight the pain in my knees has almost completely gone.”
    Christine, GreenwichChristine, Greenwich55// Housewife
  • "I suffer from asthma and whenever I get a cold it lasts and often transform in bronchitis. I had a cold for more than 3 weeks, felt really weak, couldn't sleep from the dry cough and reach for my inhaler every 10 mins. I tried BETA GLUCAN 500 from NATURE & LIFE and in 2 days I saw improvements. I could breath I saw my energy levels boosted and could sleep much better. As I carried on using it, I saw all the symptoms, gradually disappear and I feel so much better."
    Pierre, West Kensington Pierre, West Kensington 29 // Business Consultant
  •  “I don’t know what you have done at NATURE & LIFE, but I don’t feel as tired anymore. Even my immune system is UP when it should be at rock bottom due to taking biologicals’ and having chemotherapy. I am responding and recovering much better since started taking BETA GLUCAN 500 during this ongoing process.” 
    Neil, North Finchley Neil, North Finchley 30 // Recruitment


”From these results, we can conclude that the tested ‘sample’ (BETA GLUCAN 500 by NATURE & LIFE) represents a highly active glucan, which belongs to the highest top 10 glucans on the current market.”