The Problem with Antibiotics

The problem with antibiotics is that they are sometimes considered a “panacea,” which means people think they are a form of medicine capable of killing all forms of disease. This is not true.

While there are many antibiotics available to treat disease, they are effective for killing diseases resulting from bacteria, not those forming from viruses.

There is no antibiotic that helps cure a viral infection. If you take an antibiotic when you have a viral cold, you may build up antibodies so that when your body does fall ill because of a bacterial infection, the antibiotic your doctor normally might use may not work.

Bacteria are organisms that grow, change and mature. They are especially good at adaptation. That means they can adapt to their surroundings, becoming more powerful. When this happens many antibiotics that used to be able to cure an infection are no longer able to. Today there are only a handful of antibiotics available to treat some of the more dangerous diseases.

This is largely due to overuse of antibiotics. Many doctors feel pressured to prescribe them to patients that demand an antibiotic to feel better. The patient does not sometimes realize the antibiotic may have a placebo effect, meaning they feel better even though there recovery has nothing to do with the antibiotic.

Alternatively, the person may feel better because by the time they take the antibiotic, there body may already be successfully fighting the virus that first invaded the body.

Antibiotics are not something to fool around with. If you can find a suitable solution to your ailment without using them, then use it, with your doctor’s approval.

Coping with Stress

Coping with stress is something we all have to deal with at some point.

In many cases stress is often put to the back of our minds, especially when we are dealing with it so sometimes it can be hard to realise that you are stressed.


Here are the main symptoms to look out for:



Low self-esteem

Racing thoughts

Constantly worrying

Going over things in your head

Losing your temperature easily

Drinking more

Acting unreasonably


Muscle tension



If you are consistently stressed or stressed for a long period of time it can have a negative effect on your immune system and cause you to sick. Our Beta Glucan can help with this, however in order to live a healthy life-style you need to fix the core problem.


Find your trigger

Stress can be caused by a whole array of different things from work and relationships to money trouble. If there is one thing that is consistently causing you stress then you are half way to dealing with it. As stress is such a personal thing, there is no one method to deal with it. However there are some things you can do to help.

Methods for dealing with stress


There is no one method of coping with stress, however the following can help to relieve it.

Exercise – Exercising boosts your immune system and helps release endorphins to help you feel happier and more positive.

Realise that it’s ok to be stressed- The more you become anxious about being stressed and letting everything get on top of you, the more stressed you will become.

Talk to people – Lack of communication is often the cause of stress, so talking things through can help immensely. It’s also important to talk to close friends and family members too, they will often help you to think of solutions or just take your mind off of your problems for a moment.

Be selfish – With work taking up so much time nowadays, it’s important to take some time out for yourself to relax and socialise. Not having enough time for yourself often affects your sleeping patterns, making you tired causing everything to build up and make you stressed.

Challenge yourself – Challenging yourself helps you become more confident and equips you with a positive attitude that makes it harder for you to become stressed.

Tackle the cause of your problems – Don’t rely on alcohol or smoking to help with stress. It can cause more problems that it fixes.

Help others- Helping others always boosts positive feeling and may make a difference in the other persons life too.

Accept you can’t do everything – Prioritise the most important tasks. Don’t expect to do everything at once or you risk spending too much time working and risk getting more stressed.


If you are consistently getting stressed and none of these tips help, visit your doctor.

Eating Well

The phrase “you are what you eat” may be overused but it’s true. What you put into your body has been proven to have an effect on how it works. This isn’t to say you should completely cut out things that are ‘fattening’ or rich in certain nutritional values from your diet, its about getting the balance right and eating well so that you are getting the optimum nutritional benefit from your food.

Think of it this way; eating well and healthily isn’t about not eating doughnuts, but it is about not eating doughnuts everyday. Your body needs a certain amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins to function properly. Thus, the best way to do this is to make sure that your diet is rich in fruit and vegetables. These fruit and vegetables are often classed as super-foods, meaning that they contain immune boosting antioxidants. However, you need to eat these fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet.

A quick tip to recognise a balance diet is to make sure that half of your plate should be fruit and vegetables, the other half should be filled with grains and proteins with a little more grains than protein and everyone should recognise the importance of dairy in there diet.

Keeping Fit

According to government guidelines about keeping fit everyone should have at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. This exercise should include aerobic and muscle strengthening activities of various strengths according to age and ability.


Keeping fit by exercising correctly can help strengthen your heart, help your lungs to disperse the oxygen around your body and boost the immune system. It mainly does this through boosting the cells in the body that fight bacteria and as a result is better equipped to destroy them before they take over your body and make you ill. However, even though exercise has been proven to be beneficial for your immune system you should always do it within reason. Too much exercise without rest can have an adverse effect so always take caution and make sure you have sufficient time to rest between exercising.


Keeping fit isn’t all about exercise though. Another great way to make sure that your body is operating the best way it can is through making sure that you are getting enough sleep.  This enables the body to recover and repair itself and helps the immune system to work at it’s maximum capacity.

Welcome to The Nature & Life Blog

Hello and welcome to the very first blog post from Nature and Life. We are delighted to have you here and look forward to sharing all the very best tips and advice to help you improve and maintain your health and well-being.

For our first post we thought we’d give you an insight into who Nature & Life are, our history and our philosophies.

Nature and Life was founded by Daniela Simova who originates from Slovakia but currently lives in London. Daniela studied and graduated in London with considerable experience in sales and marketing as well as having a passion for studying and producing health products and information from the family heritage.

The business originated from the quest of Daniela’s grandmother Matilda Matzner, a former hotelier and restaurant owner from Austria, who, during the 1980’s, decided to financially support activities around cancer research to find a cure for the disease. It was during this  research that scientists at the Slovakian University discovered this powerful extract from Oyster Mushroom and 10 years later followed by an extraction technique that enabled them to obtain the highest purity of beta glucan from oyster mushrooms, and achieve positive results in eliminating the cancer organism.

BetaGlucan also has the following benefits: Blood Cell Recovery, Immune System Activator, an Antioxidant, Stress Regulator, Cancer Supplemental Therapy and a Blood Sugar Regulator. (source:

We acquired the patent for processing the Beta Glucan after more than 20 years of research and development of extraction of PURE (93-97%) extended polysaccharide molecule BetaGlucan and 10 years of development of the best way of consuming and absorbing the product for the ultimate bio-active results in addition to receiving a GRAS award by the FDA in USA which means the product has zero side effects.

The product was first sold in Germany & Austria as a health and natural supplement to promote wellbeing.

Nature & Life provides 100% natural, innovative and luxury supplements that change the way one pursues heath and beauty. We specialize in the immune system functions and creating anti-ageing products for skin.

Our Mission is to provide high “uncompromised quality” natural supplements and promoting healthy lifestyles through education and innovation.

Our Vision is to become a Top 10 trusted brand and provider of quality products in the UK and abroad, linking our products’ promotion to charities we support.