Welcome to The Nature & Life Blog

Hello and welcome to the very first blog post from Nature and Life. We are delighted to have you here and look forward to sharing all the very best tips and advice to help you improve and maintain your health and well-being.

For our first post we thought we’d give you an insight into who Nature & Life are, our history and our philosophies.

Nature and Life was founded by Daniela Simova who originates from Slovakia but currently lives in London. Daniela studied and graduated in London with considerable experience in sales and marketing as well as having a passion for studying and producing health products and information from the family heritage.

The business originated from the quest of Daniela’s grandmother Matilda Matzner, a former hotelier and restaurant owner from Austria, who, during the 1980’s, decided to financially support activities around cancer research to find a cure for the disease. It was during this  research that scientists at the Slovakian University discovered this powerful extract from Oyster Mushroom and 10 years later followed by an extraction technique that enabled them to obtain the highest purity of beta glucan from oyster mushrooms, and achieve positive results in eliminating the cancer organism.

BetaGlucan also has the following benefits: Blood Cell Recovery, Immune System Activator, an Antioxidant, Stress Regulator, Cancer Supplemental Therapy and a Blood Sugar Regulator. (source: WebMD.com)

We acquired the patent for processing the Beta Glucan after more than 20 years of research and development of extraction of PURE (93-97%) extended polysaccharide molecule BetaGlucan and 10 years of development of the best way of consuming and absorbing the product for the ultimate bio-active results in addition to receiving a GRAS award by the FDA in USA which means the product has zero side effects.

The product was first sold in Germany & Austria as a health and natural supplement to promote wellbeing.

Nature & Life provides 100% natural, innovative and luxury supplements that change the way one pursues heath and beauty. We specialize in the immune system functions and creating anti-ageing products for skin.

Our Mission is to provide high “uncompromised quality” natural supplements and promoting healthy lifestyles through education and innovation.

Our Vision is to become a Top 10 trusted brand and provider of quality products in the UK and abroad, linking our products’ promotion to charities we support.