Coping With Fatigue

coping_with_fatigueFatigue is a problem that most of us have to deal with. With longer working hours, less sleep and busy social lives, it’s easy to become a victim. However, it is important to note that although short periods of fatigue are normal, prolonged periods can lead to other health conditions.

These health conditions can include a weakened immune system, an increase in the risk of getting diabetes, obesity, depression, heart disease, and can even have a major effect on our life span. Thus, it is important to recognise the importance of getting enough rest, and not to look at sleeping as an unnecessary waste of time.

 When we are sleeping, our body goes through several processes that enable us to function at an optimal level throughout the day. These processes include, but are not limited to; cell repair, memory consolidation, the processing of thoughts and experiences and recovery. The brain also begins to form links between emotions and experiences in this time and can often provide the answers for situations that have presented themselves in waking hours.

Without this time to rest therefore, the body is unable to go through these processes. This is what is responsible for the “brain fog” type feeling that you get when you haven’t slept for a prolonged period of time, and that causes you to experience things like lack of concentration, slow reaction times and an irritable temper.

 Scientists have found that adult humans need around 7-8 hours per night, but how can we help promote healthy sleeping patterns and ensure that our bodies’ aren’t being compromised by poor sleeping habits? Well, the following tips may help!

 1. Make sleeping a routine. Much like eating and drinking, our bodies get used to doing the same thing everyday and will expect it. By going to bed around the same time each day, and getting up around the same time each morning, your body clock will get used to this process and function accordingly.

2. Make sure that you’re bed and bedroom are comfortable, warm and dark enough for you to get enough sleep. There’s nothing worse than being woken in the middle of the night because you’re too cold!

3. Finally, try to cut out the caffeine before bed, and instead opt for a relaxing activity (try to make it non-tech related as the light from screens wakes up your brain).

 Fatigue is preventable, all you have to do is listen to your body and take action, the rest will fall into place!

Why Everyone Should Do Yoga

yogaYoga has been practiced for thousands of years, focusing on building up the bodies’ strength and flexibility as well as the mind.

The use of yoga to promote health benefits however has only just been pushed to the forefront of modern medicine, being advised to help conditions such as chronic back pain, depression, diabetes, stress relief, heart disease and fatigue. But what makes yoga such a great form of exercising?

Part of this reasoning lays in the fact that it is a relatively soft exercise, relying on building up core strength and balance through a series of controlled stretches and movements that enable you to build up endurance and confidence.

By doing this continuously over a period of weeks or months, it has a positive effect on your heart, mental health and any aches and pains you may be experiencing. Of course, all of these aspects have a very physical reasoning behind them; however, many scientists have argued that it is the meditative element of yoga that is the most powerful.

 Meditation is fantastic for managing the physical effects of mental stresses. The results of these stresses include higher blood pressure, high blood sugar, tense muscles, depression and a lowered immune system.

By meditating as well as carrying out small controlled movements you are able to reduce all of the aforementioned ailments as well as bringing your mind back to the centre, which is one of the main reasons that yoga is such a fantastic method of keeping fit and healthy.

If this doesn’t convince you then perhaps the newer Bikram yoga will. Bikram yoga is yoga that is practiced in a room that is the same heat and humidity as a sauna. This enables you to stretch into the different poses easier and without injury, and flushes all of the toxins out of your body. Everyone can benefit from yoga regardless of age, so why not give it a try!

Stress Relief

stress reliefIn today’s high-tech society we are never even 5 metres away from our smart phones or a computer. We are consistently switched on to every email or buzz from colleagues or clients asking us questions long into the night.

Thus, it is no wonder that more people than ever are reporting signs of stress and even anxiety to their doctors, everything from headaches, to irritability and dizziness. But what can we do to aid stress relief and  help ourselves break this cycle?

 The first thing would be to acknowledge the problem. If you know that you’re checking your phone well into the night, it wakes you up, or you feel like you can’t physically switch it off in case of an emergency, you need to recognise that maybe this isn’t the healthiest of habits.

Everyone needs sleep and if your sleep is being disturbed by your smart phone devices or anxiety relating to them, it is important to change your habits. This could include anything from working on putting these emails and texts into perspective, asking yourself if they really need to be answered straight away, what is the worst that could happen if you don’t, to switching your phone to plane mode throughout the night.

Of course, it isn’t only mobile devices that cause stress. Stress can be caused by a whole array of different things from work and relationships to money trouble. If you can acknowledge that there is one thing that is consistently causing you stress then remember, you are half way to dealing with it! As stress is such a personal thing however, there is no one method that helps. Yet, there are some things you can do to boost your chances of leading a happy and healthy life.

 1.    Exercise, it boosts your immune system, releasing endorphins that make you feel happier!

2.    Talk to people, lack of communication causes problems and stress. Besides, having a chat with a friend can take your mind off any woes.

3.    Treat yourself. Regardless of if it’s to a bubble bath or a new wardrobe. Do something for yourself, relax and enjoy life! Taking time out can help with stress immensely!

4.    Get out of your comfort zone, it boosts confidence enabling you to have a more positive mind set.

5.    Don’t hide from your problems, or rely on alcohol or smoking to comfort you.

6.    Lend a helping hand! Helping others boosts endorphins and you’re making a difference!

7.    Prioritise, nobody expects you to do everything. Prioritise the most important tasks and work your way through them. To-do lists are super helpful too!


What Makes Nature and Life’s Beta Glucan unique?micronization

Nature and Life’s Beta Glucan is the purest on the market, helping to protect from various infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic), improving healing and preventing the after-effects of both physical and mental stress.

The main reason that our Beta Glucan is so pure is due to the process of Micronization. Nature and Life has patented this process of using micronization when producing our Beta Glucan, therefore you will not find the same level of bioactivity and purity anywhere else.

 What is Micronization?

 Micronization is the process of grinding a substance down to the size of the particles in microns.

This process is important as is allows a significantly higher level of efficiency and potency to a substance as the smaller the particles are, the less surface area they have and the quicker they are able to work.

 Why do we use Micronization in our Beta Glucan?

 We use Micronization to produce our Beta Glucan because we want your immune system to work at the highest possible level. For us to be able to do this, we need the Beta Glucan we use to be of the best possible quality, and to be active in boosting your immune system.

We have found that by grounding down the original Beta Glucan substance into smaller particles, it allows the Beta Glucan to be transported through the villus of the small intestine to the lymph, and further into the immune cells present in the blood without it having to be digested.

This is due to the Beta Glucan being so small that it is thus able to pass through different cell walls, directly activating the immune system. As it does not need to be digested first, the Beta Glucan remains completely intact when it reaches the immunity cells in the blood, causing a higher optimisation of the immune system.

Valentine’s Day and Singledom!

It’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day…valentine's day

If you aren’t with anyone at this time of year, it can be quite lonely especially when it seems like everyone else is in love or at least has someone to hold there hand. But don’t fret! We have come up with a few ideas to get you through this holiday.

They might not be the same as having a special someone there with you, but they may make this year a little more bearable. Besides just because its “meant” to be for couples, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate other types of love too!

1. Grab some friends and have a movie / baking night – it’s best to keep yourself busy, and if one or more of your friends are single, it makes sense to celebrate your friendship and have fun. Just make sure the movies are comedies (without the “Rom”) to keep your spirits up.

2. Try focusing on what you do have. Do you have an awesome career? Or have you got lots of amazing friends? How about family? It’s easy to overlook what we have when we don’t have something and keep focusing on it, and sometimes we just need to put in a little bit more effort to get things into perspective.

3. Remember that it’s just a day! Despite the cards and garish presents, it is in reality a day like any other, besides, with the money you’ve saved by not taking part in it, you can treat yourself. Go on, you know you want to!

And if these tips don’t work, just remember, you are an amazing human being and someone, somewhere will understand that. You just have to be patient. And, if being single on Valentine’s Day really does bother you, perhaps make 2014 the year that you try something new. Make the effort to meet more people this year, join a club, or even try online dating! There are a whole variety of ways that you can change this part of your life if you want to, but the first and foremost thing is you!

Make sure you realise how wonderful you are.

Nature and Life’s Beta Glucan

Nature and Life’s Beta Glucan has a 93-97% purity rate.beta glucan

This is the purist Beta Glucan on the market, and with the missing 3-7% being made up of chitin (a polysaccharide that helps the Beta Glucan to be absorbed) it is the best choice for people with allergies or a weakened immune system.

Not only this, but because Nature and Life’s Beta Glucan is so pure, it regulates the immune system and makes it work at a higher level than any other type. This is because it has more of the natural Beta Glucan content inside each tablet.

When extracting the Beta Glucan from yeast, manufacturers achieve a maximum 60% of Beta Glucan extract. The remaining 40% of the tablet contains unknown impurities that may cause allergies or have side effects. Furthermore, when using oat or barley extracts of Beta Glucan, the rate of the clean Beta Glucan substance is even less.

So, how did Nature and Life get the Beta Glucan so pure? Well, it is all to do with the isolation of the Beta Gimmune systemlucan polysaccharide that can be found in ingredients such as barley, mushrooms, and bakers yeast. Via micronization we have increased the bioactivity of the Beta Glucan that we isolate, assuring optimal transfer through the villus of the small intestine to the lymph, and further into the immune cells present in the blood. This process has been patented and therefore remains unique to Nature and Life, so nowhere else will you find Beta Glucan as pure as it is here!

By activating the immune system so that it functions at it’s optimal level the Beta Glucan we provide helps protect from various infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic) and improves healing. It has also been known to prevent the after-effects of physical and mental stress.

The purer the Beta Glucan substance, the more it can combat these illnesses and social stresses, and the healthier we can be, particularly when it doesn’t cause any side-effects or adverse reactions, even with those prone to allergies.

Does the Insanity Workout Help to Boost Immunity?

insanity_workoutShaun T’s “Insanity Workout” is meant to help you gain incredible results with regards to your body, health and general well being. By taking on high intensity interval training, which in non-sports terms means taking short breaks during your workout, this training programme pushes you to the extreme, challenging you both mentally and physically. But is it worth it?

As far as I can tell, the answer is yes, although it isn’t for the faint hearted. The insanity workout comprises of training 6 days a week for 60 days, with one “rest day” per week. These training sessions are either half an hour long if you want to focus on your abs, cardio abs and cardio power resistance, and an hour if you wish to work on your strength through plyometric training, cardio plyometrics and power and resistance exercises. But more than that, the “insanity workout” doesn’t seem to be singularly focused upon exercise.

Surprisingly, this DVD workout actually comes with a booklet on nutrition, pointing out foods that will help you through your training programme and that are good for you. It’s therefore not only promoting exercise, but also a healthy way of living and this is where for me at least it gains extra points. Healthy eating and exercise always have to go hand in hand. There is no use in cutting calories when carrying out an extreme workout programme like this one, particularly as you need to be eating the right things to support your body.

Cardiovascular training for example, supports your heart, making it a fantastic workout to do to maintain fitness and health. But you need more than that to have a healthy body and in turn a healthy immune system. You need to be eating the right things to give you energy and sleeping well to give you sufficient rest. These are all things that Shaun T has thought about when creating this programme, inserting the rest days and the rest week between months one and two so that your muscles can recover. Of course, this is no surprise when taking into consideration his background as an athlete and dancer.

So, does the insanity workout help to boost immunity? Not on it’s own, no. But the type of lifestyle that it is working does, especially if you do it in cycles as is recommended by many people who have fallen in love with the programme. Eating healthily and keeping yourself fit are both good things, and if you like to challenge yourself mentally this could be a great way of boosting your self-esteem and mental outlook. The only downside is the price. At £125.00 it’s not a cheap way to shape up, but like Shaun T says, it is important to “invest in yourself” and if this will help you do it, maybe it’s worth the cash.

Red For Heart

What is Red for Heart?heart

Red For Heart is a British Heart Foundation event that helps to raise money across Britain. This money goes towards scientific research to improve our knowledge about heart conditions and to develop cures to the illnesses responsible for more than 161000 deaths per year. Lots of celebrities, schools and organisations get involved with Red For Heart, and this year they are ramping up the red in support.

What heart conditions affect people?

The main heart conditions that affect people in Britain are heart attacks, angina, heart failure, abnormal heart conditions and congenital and inherited disease. Although many of these diseases are inherited or developed early on in the foetus’ life, heart conditions are also influenced by lifestyle choices and making the right ones can help to prevent things like heart attacks and angina. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to research into the causes of heart disease and to help stop the suffering of thousands of people.

How can I help to prevent these conditions?

You can help to prevent some heart conditions through healthy choices and an active lifestyle. This includes eating healthily and making sure that you have a balanced diet with lots of nutrients. By doing this, you will help to reduce your chances of developing heart disease, and if you already have heart disease it will help to protect it and prevent further damage. You can also help your heart by remaining active. This is because if you are physically active, you are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Of course, this does not have to mean going to the gym everyday, it could be as simple as walking instead of getting a bus, but being active is imperative, and finally, be social. Those who are most social tend to be less stressed and thus, put less strain on their immune and cardiovascular systems.

To find out more please check out the following site: British Heart Foundation