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We originated from Austria and now reside in London, England. Nature & Life is the heritage of one woman’s quest to find a cure and solutions. Along the way her team of professional researchers and clinicians developed supplements that naturally work with our bodies to enhance a healthy lifestyle. These supplements enhance the immune system and improve all the associated conditions.
By using only natural ingredients we are eliminating the possible side effects given by conventional supplements. Our bodies are designed to work in harmony with nature, so it’s only natural that we work with ingredients that are from nature, to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle from the inside out. We aim for excellence in all areas of our business and in products that we deliver, from the research we carry out into our products, to providing excellent customer service. We are always looking for ways to improve the products for your benefit, using the highest quality ingredients and the latest technology. This is to guarantee you the most luxurious natural supplements possible that work in harmony with your body. *Please note none of our products are a cure for cancer, but help to maintain a healthy life style.