Beauty and Confidence

beautyHumanity has been using natural remedies to get rid of their ailments or to treat them for hundreds of years, helping to cure any health ailments as well as to help women and men look their best.

Therefore, sometimes it’s nice to go back and see what they did in the past, the treatments that sound bizarre, and the recipes that you can never imagine trying yourself.

But then you stumble across something and it makes you want to make it right there and then just to see if it works.

Beauty treatments are a great example of this.

Beauty as a topic may seem odd, particularly in the context of health, however for generations beauty and feeling good about yourself has been something that is associated with having confidence or high self-esteem, and when these feelings are high, feelings such as self-doubt, stress and sadness become reduced.

The reduction in these emotions means that your immune system is not at as much risk due to the actions these things produces such as lack of sleep, poor diet etc. being reduced as a result.

Of course it’s not just the external that matters, but looking and feeling good plays a part in how we see ourselves and that is important.

Thus, we have compiled our favorite 3 natural beauty remedies from the past! (Good Luck!)

  • Fancy brightening your teeth? Mash up a strawberry and mix it with half a teaspoon of baking soda. We’re not sure how good this mixture tastes, but apparently rubbing it on your teeth, leaving for two minutes then brushing as per usual helps keep them white!
  • Suffer from large pores and hate primer? Try mixing the white of an egg with one teaspoon of corn-starch until frothy and then rub the mixture into your skin before leaving it for 20 minutes….
  • Want to reduce wrinkles? Crush some grapes to get the juice and then with a cotton pad apply to wrinkle prone areas (around your mouth and eyes, and your forehead) and rinse after 5 minutes!

Give them a try…