Brain Food

brain foodThere is always lots of focus in the health industry on how to be fit and look after yourself properly, concentrating on your bodily physic and fitness levels.

Recently this has expanded to an increased awareness regarding the fact that what you put in your body affects how your skin looks, and what you put on it has an effect too.

However, lots of people are so concentrated on their outside muscles that the most important muscle in the body gets overlooked. That muscle? The brain.

Believe it or not, the brain needs feeding too. Like any other muscle the brain needs nutrients to function at its optimum level, to retain memories, and to develop and learn.

But what foods should you eat if you want to increase your brain power?

[1] We’ve all probably heard that fish is great for you, but did you know that the more oily the fish, the better it is for the brain?

This is because it contains lots of omega-3 fats (the good type of fat that lowers your cholesterol), namely EPA and DHA.

These omega 3 fats have been linked to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and memory loss, keeping your brain in perfect working order.

[2] Blackcurrant’s are a fantastic source of vitamin C, and vitamin C is thought to be linked to mental agility. Have a chess match coming up? Make sure that you stock up!

[3] Need a quick snack to boost your thinking power and enhance your memory? Why not try pumpkin seeds? They’re full of zinc which is a great nutrient for your brain and can help combative function. Definitely something to add to your diet!

There are lots of other foods that are great for your brain muscle too, and can help your memory and brain function.

Without our brains everything else becomes irrelevant, so it’s super important to keep it in top condition and feed it with the proper nutrients needed!