Can Positivity Make You Healthier?

positivityIt has been widely accepted that stress is bad news for your immune system and health, leading to a whole variety of problems, particularly if it is long lasting and there is no break from it.

However the study of positive mental attitudes and their affect on health is relatively new, and has been mostly swept aside by mass media.

Yet, a positive mental attitude is definitely an important factor in the discussion of health and wellbeing, and one that should be looked at in more depth.

Barbara Fredrickson for example, in her book “Positivity” has taken a massive stride in discussing the affect a positive attitude has on health and well being. One of her main arguments is that positive mental health contributes to a broader outlook on life.

This broader outlook is one that encourages more creativity, better problem solving, and the ability to get back up after a rough spot, brush yourself down and continue.

This increase in resilience is super important in the long run as it will help you to deal with the hard times in life (which happen to everyone regardless of how positive you are), and makes sure that you are emotionally equipped to get through these situations without any health complaints such as elevated stress or depression.

By building up your emotional resilience, you are therefore also building up your immunity to other diseases and illnesses as prolonged stress lowers your immunity making it easier for you to get sick, and having the potential to make you even more stressed.

She also makes the point that positivity helps you to connect with others. Connecting with others is a crucial part of wellbeing as other people provide a support network that we can call on in times of need, as well as being the people who celebrate with you when you are at your highest.

This network also means that you will also be called on to be a positive influence in a hard situation, and helping people boosts self-esteem and altruism which again, boosts health.

Positivity is therefore an important factor in health, and one that shouldn’t be ignored.