The Real Benefits of Natural Products

naturalLot’s of people are quick to say that natural products are better for your health than the non-natural alternatives, and whilst this is true, it’s often just taken as fact without going into why these products are better for you, or even without asking what these natural products give you in contrast to the non-natural alternatives.

We believe that it is important that people understand exactly what is going into their food and health supplements, as well as why but without the jargon.

As such, this is an important topic for us, and one that we aim to help you get a grasp of without needing a background in food or science!

“ Natural Products”

The term “Natural Products” scientifically means that what you are getting comes directly from the earth.

However, lots of our food goes through other processes such as pulping, or something has been extracted from it and added to another product to improve the taste or nutritional value.

Even though it has been pulped or something has been extracted from it, the pulp and extraction material is still natural, therefore can still be labelled as a natural product.

Despite this, there is legally no specific definition for what a natural product is and what it is not, however, there are also no legally binding laws stopping manufacturers from using the term “natural product” as long as the product is completely free from colouring, artificial flavouring and synthetic substances.

This means that any product can be labelled natural as long as it’s free from colouring, flavouring or synthetic substances, and because natural products are free from these things we believe that the product is good for us.

But why are colourings, flavourings and synthetic substances so bad for us and where do they come from?

Colourings, flavourings and synthetic substances are usually derivatives of a natural product- however, they have been processed so much, often with other substances being added to them that they are no longer classed as a derivative of that product.

Banana pulp is still a banana, but a carbohydrate compound isn’t.

As such, because it has deviated so much from the original product, and been added to other things, secondary chemical reactions have happened along the way.

These chemical reactions produce the colourings, flavourings and synthetic substances present in most processed foods.

Some of these elements have been known in some case studies to cause heart palpitations, stimulation (hyperactivity) and at the other end of the scale depression.

And this is why most people believe that natural is better… and we definitely agree!

The Problem with Antibiotics

The problem with antibiotics is that they are sometimes considered a “panacea,” which means people think they are a form of medicine capable of killing all forms of disease. This is not true.

While there are many antibiotics available to treat disease, they are effective for killing diseases resulting from bacteria, not those forming from viruses.

There is no antibiotic that helps cure a viral infection. If you take an antibiotic when you have a viral cold, you may build up antibodies so that when your body does fall ill because of a bacterial infection, the antibiotic your doctor normally might use may not work.

Bacteria are organisms that grow, change and mature. They are especially good at adaptation. That means they can adapt to their surroundings, becoming more powerful. When this happens many antibiotics that used to be able to cure an infection are no longer able to. Today there are only a handful of antibiotics available to treat some of the more dangerous diseases.

This is largely due to overuse of antibiotics. Many doctors feel pressured to prescribe them to patients that demand an antibiotic to feel better. The patient does not sometimes realize the antibiotic may have a placebo effect, meaning they feel better even though there recovery has nothing to do with the antibiotic.

Alternatively, the person may feel better because by the time they take the antibiotic, there body may already be successfully fighting the virus that first invaded the body.

Antibiotics are not something to fool around with. If you can find a suitable solution to your ailment without using them, then use it, with your doctor’s approval.