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We’re On Amazon

amazonNature and Life is very excited to announce that our Beta Glucan 500 is now available on!

Amazon, as you may know is a great provider of new, refurbished, or used items often at low prices.

It’s also super convenient to shop from and a great online outlet that we’ve been working hard to launch on for a while!

It is hardly believable that the go-to online shop was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 as a platform for buying books online shipped from his garage in Seattle, Washington, and now it stocks our Beta Glucan!

Our Beta Glucan can be shipped world wide, although we’ve decided to launch with the American market on

With more than two million small businesses, retail brands, and individual sellers retail their offerings on Amazon however, we can’t wait to share our product with a wider audience.

For those of you who don’t know our Beta Glucan is a completely natural immune system activator.

This means that it effectively boosts your immune system and enables it to work at its optimal level – great if you have been feeling poorly or rundown and extremely effective if you have allergies.

Due to the completely natural nature of the Beta Glucan and the high purity level, (the highest purity of Beta Glucan on the market at 92-97%) it also means that regardless of any allergies that you may have already, you will not have an allergic reaction to them.

They are also completely vegan and great for anyone who aspires to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

If you’re interested in buying our Beta Glucan 500 you can either buy them on our site or via our page 

What’s more, if you go and “like” our Facebook page, there may even be a discount code floating about you can use!

Jazz Night Fundraising Event for ESTHER

fundraisingGuess what? We have another very exciting event to announce!

On the 26th of June 2014 we will be holding a very special fundraising event at La Bodeguita restaurant (Elephant and Castle, SE1 6TE) complete with special speakers, jazz music, and steak. All proceeds from the evening will be donated towards ESTHER, a not for profit organisation that supports women from all walks of life, and helps victims of domestic violence.

ESTHER is a Slovakian organization that is very close to our hearts, and that is currently working very hard to combat violence and psychological abuse against women. As part of Nature & Life’s ethos, we really want to give back to the community, so what better place to start than with a not for profit organisation that are doing such great work to help women in the very place that we sourced the raw ingredient for our Beta Glucan 500.

Tickets are on sale now via Eventbrite, and are £25.00. The price of the ticket includes a glass of wine, dinner and entertainment. Of course, you are more than welcome to donate more to the cause if you so wish and there is an option for that when you buy the tickets, as there will be on the night. If you wish to buy tickets on the door, please remember that they will be priced at the slightly higher price of £30.00, however all money will be heading straight to ESTHER.

The event itself will start at 6.30 PM and will end around 11.30 PM. As well as the jazz music and entertainment, there will also be speakers throughout the evening. These speakers will be talking about human dignity and values, and reflecting upon how we as a society can help stop domestic violence and give women the power to talk about there experiences.

It will be a really great event, for an amazing cause, and we hope to see some of you there!

To buy tickets please click here: Esther Fundraising Night

Don’t Miss Out!

beta glucanWe have some exciting news to share!

The Nature and Life team will be at Sogim Pharmacy in East Dulwich (115 Lordship Lane, SE22 8HU) on Saturday the 14th of June to meet all of you lovely readers that are interested in Beta Glucan 500 and boosting your immune system!

At the event we will be talking about immunity and how the product works, and will be answering any questions that you may have regarding your current health situation and if it would be a good fit for you!

What is more, the event is completely free. All you have to do is turn up and ask away.

Saturday the 14th is the perfect opportunity to ask us more about our fantastic Beta Glucan 500 two-week challenge, a challenge that is set to make you feel healthier and more energetic without having to rely on chemical filled energy drinks or caffeine.

When taking for a longer period, it is also a much healthier and longer-term solution for fatigue and general wellbeing.

Our Beta Glucan is able to be a longer-term health solution because it is a completely natural Beta Glucan extract, and with a 97% purity of extraction rate, it is the purest Beta Glucan on the market.

We know that this is the purest Beta Glucan on the market today as the method that we use for extraction has been patented and passed down through generations, and nobody has, as of yet, come up with an alternate method for extracting the Beta Glucan as cleanly as we have.

The 14th of June will be a really special day for us as it’s marking our first official product launch in a UK outlet, and as such it would be really great if you could join us there too!

The event will be held between 1 pm and 3pm, so please make sure that you pop in and help us to celebrate!


What Makes Nature and Life’s Beta Glucan unique?micronization

Nature and Life’s Beta Glucan is the purest on the market, helping to protect from various infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic), improving healing and preventing the after-effects of both physical and mental stress.

The main reason that our Beta Glucan is so pure is due to the process of Micronization. Nature and Life has patented this process of using micronization when producing our Beta Glucan, therefore you will not find the same level of bioactivity and purity anywhere else.

 What is Micronization?

 Micronization is the process of grinding a substance down to the size of the particles in microns.

This process is important as is allows a significantly higher level of efficiency and potency to a substance as the smaller the particles are, the less surface area they have and the quicker they are able to work.

 Why do we use Micronization in our Beta Glucan?

 We use Micronization to produce our Beta Glucan because we want your immune system to work at the highest possible level. For us to be able to do this, we need the Beta Glucan we use to be of the best possible quality, and to be active in boosting your immune system.

We have found that by grounding down the original Beta Glucan substance into smaller particles, it allows the Beta Glucan to be transported through the villus of the small intestine to the lymph, and further into the immune cells present in the blood without it having to be digested.

This is due to the Beta Glucan being so small that it is thus able to pass through different cell walls, directly activating the immune system. As it does not need to be digested first, the Beta Glucan remains completely intact when it reaches the immunity cells in the blood, causing a higher optimisation of the immune system.

Take Our 2 Week Challenge To Boost Your Immune System

beat glucan 500What is the 2-week challenge? 

Here at Nature and Life we have formulated a challenge to help kick start a healthy lifestyle with the aid of our Beta Glucan.  Our Beta Glucan is the purist on the market so is suitable for everyone to take, even if you have allergies. In fact, if you have allergies, we even recommend that you take Beta Glucan to help remedy your symptoms.

How do I do it?

All you have to do is to take either 1 or 2 tablets a day on an empty stomach. By taking it on an empty stomach you will ensure that the Beta Glucan works effectively. This is because our Beta Glucan works by activating your immune system so that the cells responsible for immunity have enough energy to remove the harmful toxins from your body, placing you in a better position to protect yourself from infectious, viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases.

What will the effects be?

Due to the fact that our Beta Glucan is completely natural, the effects will not take place immediately. Instead you will feel small things changing in your body. With each tablet that you take you will be building up your immune system, making it more and more active and you less susceptible to sickness.

Should I take the challenge?

Yes! Even if you are a healthy individual, boosting your immune system is a good thing. It is suitable for everyone regardless of allergies (with the exception of people who have recently had an organ transplant).  It will also help people who have been through long periods of stress, are unable to live a healthy lifestyle, have been exposed to beta, gamma and x-rays or have been exposed to a pathogen, giving you a much needed boost to get you back on track.

Welcome to The Nature & Life Blog

Hello and welcome to the very first blog post from Nature and Life. We are delighted to have you here and look forward to sharing all the very best tips and advice to help you improve and maintain your health and well-being.

For our first post we thought we’d give you an insight into who Nature & Life are, our history and our philosophies.

Nature and Life was founded by Daniela Simova who originates from Slovakia but currently lives in London. Daniela studied and graduated in London with considerable experience in sales and marketing as well as having a passion for studying and producing health products and information from the family heritage.

The business originated from the quest of Daniela’s grandmother Matilda Matzner, a former hotelier and restaurant owner from Austria, who, during the 1980’s, decided to financially support activities around cancer research to find a cure for the disease. It was during this  research that scientists at the Slovakian University discovered this powerful extract from Oyster Mushroom and 10 years later followed by an extraction technique that enabled them to obtain the highest purity of beta glucan from oyster mushrooms, and achieve positive results in eliminating the cancer organism.

BetaGlucan also has the following benefits: Blood Cell Recovery, Immune System Activator, an Antioxidant, Stress Regulator, Cancer Supplemental Therapy and a Blood Sugar Regulator. (source:

We acquired the patent for processing the Beta Glucan after more than 20 years of research and development of extraction of PURE (93-97%) extended polysaccharide molecule BetaGlucan and 10 years of development of the best way of consuming and absorbing the product for the ultimate bio-active results in addition to receiving a GRAS award by the FDA in USA which means the product has zero side effects.

The product was first sold in Germany & Austria as a health and natural supplement to promote wellbeing.

Nature & Life provides 100% natural, innovative and luxury supplements that change the way one pursues heath and beauty. We specialize in the immune system functions and creating anti-ageing products for skin.

Our Mission is to provide high “uncompromised quality” natural supplements and promoting healthy lifestyles through education and innovation.

Our Vision is to become a Top 10 trusted brand and provider of quality products in the UK and abroad, linking our products’ promotion to charities we support.