Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Water.jpgWater is one of the most important components of the human body, and is integral to maintaining optimum levels of health and fitness.

It is one of the most important components of our bodies system as a massive two thirds of our bodies are made up of water.

Moreover, water is responsible for assisting lots of the bodies every day process.

Without water, we humans would simply not be able to survive, but on a lesser scale, without enough water, we humans can make ourselves sleepy, unenergetic, achy and incredibly ill. But how can you tell if you are getting enough water or not.

Most health professionals recommend that you drink between 6-8 glasses of water a day depending on your level of activity.

This is because if you live a more active lifestyle and often sweat during and after periods of exercise then you will need to drink more water so as to replace the water that you have lost.

In contrast, if you rarely partake in strenuous activity, you lose less water and therefore have less to replace.

By drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day you are making sure that your cells processes are working properly.

When your bodies cells processes malfunction, or stop working at their optimum level, they send warning triggers to your brain which set off a series of physical responses.

These responses are mainly present to prevent high levels of dehydration and can be seen in the following ways:



Reduced sweating

The production of less urine than usual (often darker in colour)

A dry mouth

Reduced skin elasticity

If you feel as if you experience any of these symptoms either frequently or infrequently, then maybe it’s time to grab a glass of water, or, mentally make a note to introduce more water into your day as you go about your normal routine.

Not only will this reduce any of the aforementioned symptoms that you may be experiencing, but your skin will also benefit.

By forgetting to drink water, you are forgetting to introduce moisture from the inside.

This makes your skin dull and dry looking, often making you reach for expensive moisturisers.

However, by drinking enough water you can boost your health and your skin. What’s not to love?