Why Everyone Should Do Yoga

yogaYoga has been practiced for thousands of years, focusing on building up the bodies’ strength and flexibility as well as the mind.

The use of yoga to promote health benefits however has only just been pushed to the forefront of modern medicine, being advised to help conditions such as chronic back pain, depression, diabetes, stress relief, heart disease and fatigue. But what makes yoga such a great form of exercising?

Part of this reasoning lays in the fact that it is a relatively soft exercise, relying on building up core strength and balance through a series of controlled stretches and movements that enable you to build up endurance and confidence.

By doing this continuously over a period of weeks or months, it has a positive effect on your heart, mental health and any aches and pains you may be experiencing. Of course, all of these aspects have a very physical reasoning behind them; however, many scientists have argued that it is the meditative element of yoga that is the most powerful.

 Meditation is fantastic for managing the physical effects of mental stresses. The results of these stresses include higher blood pressure, high blood sugar, tense muscles, depression and a lowered immune system.

By meditating as well as carrying out small controlled movements you are able to reduce all of the aforementioned ailments as well as bringing your mind back to the centre, which is one of the main reasons that yoga is such a fantastic method of keeping fit and healthy.

If this doesn’t convince you then perhaps the newer Bikram yoga will. Bikram yoga is yoga that is practiced in a room that is the same heat and humidity as a sauna. This enables you to stretch into the different poses easier and without injury, and flushes all of the toxins out of your body. Everyone can benefit from yoga regardless of age, so why not give it a try!