Exercising Online?

sleektechniqueNow more than ever we are relying on our wi-fi connection to enable us to carry out the simplest of tasks, and now, we can even attend exercise classes online.

Thanks to the wonderful ladies at Sleek Technique exercise classes are no longer scheduled once a week with huge sign up lists, they are on demand and you can fit them into your routine as and when you want to start exercising.

By making exercise classes into something that we can do via our webcams, download, and do without leaving our houses, they have made the whole concept completely accessible to a whole new market of women.

It’s also a huge benefit that if you bring your laptop with you on holiday you could even take part 50, 000 miles away!

It’s exciting to see how technology is seeping into more and more into different parts of our lives, particularly those parts that are unexpected like exercise.

Through classes that are centred upon dance based conditioning exercises put together by Victoria Marr and Flick Swan, two professional dancers who have incredible training qualifications, everyone now has the chance to give exercise a go.

Whilst it might not be conventional, nor is it tangible how it actually works until you’ve tried it, it’s definitely a fun way to get moving.

Personally, having tried the “Ballet boot camp workout” recently at an event in London I was unsurprised to find that as per usual, I went in at the deep end and made my way through an “intermediate” work out without realising.

It was definitely challenging, but I found that it actually boosted my mood for the rest of the day, and now I can’t wait to go back to the beginning and tackle some of the “beginner” courses such as “Classical Cardio Intro”, this time in the privacy of my own home.

If you want to check it out yourself please head over to Sleektechnique and tell them we sent you!