Grow Fruit and Veg [In Your Tiny Flat]

fruit_and_vegI know, I know. You live in the city, not on a farm, and the only spare room in your flat (if you’re lucky) is the kitchen windowsill.

But don’t roll your eyes just yet!

It’s the type of fruit and vegetables that you can grow that you have to think about as much as it is the space that you need for them to grow healthily.

If you don’t believe us, here are our top 3 fruits and veggies that you can grow at home (regardless of how small your flat is!)

Mushrooms – Mushrooms are fantastic for growing indoors, not only because they don’t need much space, but, because they don’t need any light either!

This means that regardless of the weather outside, or if you don’t have enough space on your windowsill for a window box, you will be able to grow your own mushrooms.

All you need is compost, mushroom spawn and a dark, draft free place to put your grow bag and you’re all set!

Tomatoes – Tomatoes generally need a window box, plant pot, or hanging basket to grow in, as well as lots of sunlight.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t grow them even with minimal space.

All you have to do is make sure that wherever you grow your tomato seeds they are getting enough light, be that in your bedroom, kitchen or living room.

If there isn’t enough sunlight, the tomatoes, unfortunately, may not grow.

Also a top tip for growing tomatoes in plant pots!

Choose cherry or pear tomatoes to grow rather than bigger varieties’ as they are smaller and easier to maintain.

Chillies – Dwarf ornamental chilli peppers are fantastic for growing indoors as they are a lot smaller than other chillies and therefore need less space to root down and develop.

They are also great as you can grow them in flower pots, just make sure that the flower pots that you are using have holes in the bottom, as you’ll need to water them frequently, and you don’t want the excess water drowning our the roots!

So there you have it!

Regardless of how small your flat may be, you can still grow some fresh fruit and veg!