Hay Fever Season

Hay fever is an allergic reaction, normally caused by pollen from grass, plants, and flowers.hay fever

When these are inhaled through the nose and mouth the body reacts to the pollen as if it were a harmful substance trying to enter it.

As the body thinks that the pollen is a harmful infection, it overreacts and therefore produces lots and lots of antibodies to destroy the infection or danger.

As pollen is constantly surrounding us, it leads to a prolonged reaction, causing a tightening of muscles, sneezing and itching in localised areas.

For the past couple of weeks people have been experiencing these symptoms and stocking up on their antihistamines due to the early growth of springtime plants and flowers in the UK.

The public’s seasonal health struggle with hay fever has already kicked in, and yet there is still a long way to go until the end of summer.

Not only is hay fever annoying for all those who are affected by the various types of pollen, but it can also be debilitating, causing sneezing, itchy, runny eyes and even headaches.

These symptoms can often disrupt every day activities and often leave the sufferer feeling lethargic and run down.

However, Beta Glucan may provide a longer-term solution than daily antihistamines

Beta Glucan is a completely natural remedy, consisting of 93-97% with the rest being chitin (a polysaccharide that helps with the absorption). This means that it won’t cause any adverse reactions.

Beta Glucan works by boosting and regulating your immune system so that when the allergen, in this case, the pollen enters the body, the body does not overreact as much as it would do otherwise.

By taking one Beta Glucan tablet a day you are therefore building up this immunity and in turn building up your immune system.

This therefore has a positive effect on how it is regulated, causing your allergies to reduce and your summers to be stress free – just the way that we like them!