Why a Healthy Breakfast Equals a Healthy Life!

Next week is farmhouse breakfast week, an entire week dedicated to the importance of breakfast. Don’t roll your eyes either! healthy_breakfast

With this in mind, it is amazing that one in six adults skip breakfast on a regular basis, preferring instead to stock up on chocolate, sweets and midmorning coffee to boost their energy levels. Now this is not surprising. When we sleep we go for hours and hours without any food, and we don’t need it. By virtue of sleeping we are giving our brains and our bodies much needed rest. But when we wake up, we immediately start using our brains and our bodies to complete even the simplest of tasks. By the time we get to work, we feel drained and exhausted because we haven’t refueled properly and therefore reach for the instantaneous energy – chocolate and coffee.

But, by eating a proper breakfast we can actually make ourselves feel better. By rebalancing our sugar levels in the morning, we can change our mood from groggy to uplifted, ‘refuel’ our energy tanks for the days activities causing us to snack less and therefore cutting down on the chances of obesity and improve our memory and concentration.  Of course, some breakfast foods are better than others.

Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms probably aren’t the best things to reach for in the morning. They are filled with sugars and sweeteners, and even though they will provide the instantaneous energy and provide a better start to the day than eating nothing, there are so manybetter options. Oats for example are a fantastic breakfast food as they give out energy slowly, releasing it throughout the day. They also keep you fuller for longer, and can be topped with milk and fruit, perfect for topping up on your calcium and vitamin levels. Eggs, boiled, scrambled or poached are a great option too, as they provide you with lots of protein and vitamins as well as being low in fat. Even whizzing up some milk and fruit in a blender counts.

So, if you didn’t think breakfast was important, think again. Eating breakfast can make you happier, more energetic and focused, helping you to achieve a healthier more productive lifestyle.