A Healthy Diet?

healthy dietIt can be all too easy to simply cut out entire meals from your daily routine when dieting.

However, despite the quick effects, cutting out meals is neither healthy nor long lasting and as such can have detrimental effects on both your health and your confidence.

Unfortunately however, a lot of our conceptions about what dieting actually is are related to the marketing of certain dieting trends directly related to cutting out whole chunks of what is normally considered part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Thus, dieting, in modern terms has become synonymous with cutting down on food intake and restricting yourself.

Yet, “dieting” is not a fad, neither is it an activity that you do once every three months. The word diet originated from the Greek word “diaita” meaning way of life. Restricting yourself to only drinking health drinks instead of eating solid foods for three months isn’t a way of life. What is a way of life however, is eating healthily and making the right choices about what foods you put into your body.

I would therefore argue that it is better to quit the whole “diet” mentality altogether. Think about it.

Think about the reason that you are dieting. Is it to get a better body? Perhaps, it is to feel healthier, fitter, or better about yourself? Or even the most common reason, to lose weight?

Well, these reasons all come under the same heading. That heading? Healthy eating, and healthy eating means a balanced diet. Putting into your body the necessary vitamins and minerals not only to sustain life, but also to promote health.

Promoting health means eating a balanced diet.

Preferably, this means basing your intake on the amount of physical activity that you are likely to do in any given day, making the right choices about what’s too much and what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

Replace the biscuits and crisps with fresh fruit and vegetables, cook more meals from scratch, and make sure that you’re drinking enough water.

Forget dieting, start eating healthily!