Will it help me?

Whats the problem

Beta Glucan can has been proven to help with a whole range of problems such as a weak immune system, the after effects of stress, chronic diseases or allergies and stabilizing blood glucose levels so that they remain stable. For more information about how Beta Glucan can help, please see the other headers

Weak Immune System

What causes it:

A weakened immune system can be caused by natural age progression, mental and physical stress, and various environmental factors. These factors include environmental pollution, leading an unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits, as well as exposure to various types of radiation (X-ray, UV, Gamma and cosmic, especially on long distance flights. It can also be caused by existing illnesses or certain treatments for illnesses.

How can BETA GLUCAN help? :

Beta Glucan stimulates the immune system so that it is able to work at a higher level to combat various stresses and environmental factors. It is available in 3 doses, the 24C that combats everyday weakening of the immune system, the 100C strength that is for individuals with impaired immunity, frequent/ repeating infectious diseases and allergies, and finally the 500C strength that is useful for those with seriously impaired immune systems.


What you need to know:

Allergies are caused when the body reacts to an allergen as if it were harmful, like it would an infection. This causes the body’s immune system to overreact and produce lots and lots of antibodies to fight it leading to a tightening of muscles, sneezing and itching in localised areas.

What causes allergies?

Lots of things can cause allergies, from dust mites to pollen or various types of food including nuts, wheat, gluten etc. These allergies are caused by confused, overreacting and compromised immune system.

How can BETA GLUCAN help?

Beta Glucan helps regulate and restore the immune system so that when the allergen enters the body the reaction isn’t as dramatic. It has been proven that taking Beta Glucan over a prolonged period of time dramatically reduces allergies.

High Cholesterol

What you need to know:

High-cholesterol is caused by having an excessive amount of lipids in your blood and can lead to various other health conditions that could be serious.

What causes high cholesterol? :

An unhealthy diet, existing health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

How Beta Glucan can help?

Beta Glucan helps regulate and restore the immune system so that when the cholesterol is high, it balances out. Prolonged use of Beta Glucan can also help avoid high cholesterol.