Immunity Juice

immunity juiceIt can be hard to think about boosting your immune system when you’re feeling run down, or if you have been whizzing around doing 1000 things at once, but it’s definitely an important part of life and integral in keeping up your health and well being.

A really quick and easy way to keep your immune system at its highest point regardless of what your day to day schedule is like, or how run down you feel can therefore be achieved through what you eat and drink.

It can be hard to consistently get the nutrients that you need through what you eat, especially if you are constantly on the go, however even if you aren’t getting regular meals a quick and healthy drink could be a beneficial addition to your morning routine.

We’ve all seen the supermarket shelves, packed with juices and mixes that claim to be healthy and nutritious, but what’s  the best way to insure that you are getting the best boost you possibly can?

Through mixing it yourself. This is not to say that some of the ones available in shops are bad for you, but some do contain hidden sugars and added preservatives.

The best health drinks are always made fresh, and can even be whipped up before bed, and placed in the fridge ready for the morning!

But what are the most beneficial super foods to put in them? Well, here are some of our favourites:

Blueberries – High in antioxidants, suspected to boost brainpower, and great for your skin, they’re the perfect berries to get your day started with.

Bananas – A great energy and mood booster, high in potassium and a prebiotic, they are even better than coffee as a morning pep-me-up!

Strawberries – Super juicy and packed full of Vitamin C they’re an excellent immunity booster. Perfect for keeping your health in perfect condition.

Greek Yogurt – Everyone needs calcium in their diet, and low fat Greek yogurt provides this, alongside an array of vitamins, potassium and protein. It also makes the drink that little bit more substantial, and we all know how important breakfast is!

Honey – Honey has been used for thousands of years to cure ailments, but it’s particularly useful for it’s antioxidant properties, it’s ability to fight infections and it’s ability to preserve itself. A spoonful of honey a day keeps the doctor away…

But our most favourite thing about mixing up these drinks up in the comfort of our own kitchens?

The fact that we can pick and choose and come up with a different recipe every day!

What will you come up with?