Keeping Fit

According to government guidelines about keeping fit everyone should have at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. This exercise should include aerobic and muscle strengthening activities of various strengths according to age and ability.


Keeping fit by exercising correctly can help strengthen your heart, help your lungs to disperse the oxygen around your body and boost the immune system. It mainly does this through boosting the cells in the body that fight bacteria and as a result is better equipped to destroy them before they take over your body and make you ill. However, even though exercise has been proven to be beneficial for your immune system you should always do it within reason. Too much exercise without rest can have an adverse effect so always take caution and make sure you have sufficient time to rest between exercising.


Keeping fit isn’t all about exercise though. Another great way to make sure that your body is operating the best way it can is through making sure that you are getting enough sleep.  This enables the body to recover and repair itself and helps the immune system to work at it’s maximum capacity.