Make Exercise Work For You

exerciseExercise can sometimes be a pain, particularly when most people relate exercise with the gym. Luckily though, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Whilst the gym is great for access to machinery and expert help (often alongside the production of a personalised fitness regime) there are lots of other ways that you can make exercise work for you.

 If the gym just isn’t your thing however, and you can’t think of anything worse than running on a machine going nowhere for any length of time, then take your exercise outside.

With it being Spring now, the weather is much more aligned to beginner runners, and hopefully it will be a lot more scenic with the flowers springing up everywhere. This also gives you more freedom to create your own exercise regime.

Creating your own exercise regime is one of the best things that you can do to make exercise work for you.

Whilst you can always fit the gym around your work and social life, you still have to go to the gym and carry of your things, but outside the gym you are free to exercise wherever and whenever you want.

Making exercise work for you is all about accessing if you exercise better in a designated exercise area (the gym), if you exercise well enough outside the gym, or if you prefer group exercise and classes.

Group exercise classes are definitely something to look into if running or gym exercise doesn’t appeal to you.

They are great to attend with friends, and many of them have ‘drop in’ prices so that you don’t have to commit to anything meaning that you are free to try out as many as you like.

This way you are able to find the perfect fit for you and your schedule and are perfect for if you are routinely changing what you do from day-to-day.

Most importantly however, remember, exercise doesn’t have to be boring.

If you like cycling, rollerblading or even ice-skating, there is an activity or exercise that you will fall in love with. It does take a couple of tries sometimes, but once you find your thing, it’ll be hard to stop!