What Makes Nature and Life’s Beta Glucan unique?micronization

Nature and Life’s Beta Glucan is the purest on the market, helping to protect from various infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic), improving healing and preventing the after-effects of both physical and mental stress.

The main reason that our Beta Glucan is so pure is due to the process of Micronization. Nature and Life has patented this process of using micronization when producing our Beta Glucan, therefore you will not find the same level of bioactivity and purity anywhere else.

 What is Micronization?

 Micronization is the process of grinding a substance down to the size of the particles in microns.

This process is important as is allows a significantly higher level of efficiency and potency to a substance as the smaller the particles are, the less surface area they have and the quicker they are able to work.

 Why do we use Micronization in our Beta Glucan?

 We use Micronization to produce our Beta Glucan because we want your immune system to work at the highest possible level. For us to be able to do this, we need the Beta Glucan we use to be of the best possible quality, and to be active in boosting your immune system.

We have found that by grounding down the original Beta Glucan substance into smaller particles, it allows the Beta Glucan to be transported through the villus of the small intestine to the lymph, and further into the immune cells present in the blood without it having to be digested.

This is due to the Beta Glucan being so small that it is thus able to pass through different cell walls, directly activating the immune system. As it does not need to be digested first, the Beta Glucan remains completely intact when it reaches the immunity cells in the blood, causing a higher optimisation of the immune system.