Pre Holiday Health Boosts

holidayMany of us will fly to a far-flung destination this summer. However, when we are getting into ‘holiday mode’ and forgetting the 9-5 routine, health considerations seem to just fly away.

Now, we have already covered how to stop yourself from getting sick whilst you are on holiday, but did you know that there are also things that you can do before you go away to ensure that you have a fantastic trip?

These things are simple changes that you can make pre-holiday to make sure that your health is not affected whilst away, either through late nights and unhealthy food that lowers the power of your immune system, or the flights and the micro-bacteria that may be present on food tables and arm rests.

Eat Healthily

If you know that you will be ditching the usual 5 portions of fruit and vegetables whilst away, for chips and burgers then make sure that you eat healthily beforehand. This does not include a pre-holiday diet. To help achieve a stronger immune system before you fly, you need to eat a balanced diet. Cutting out major food groups before you fly may help you ditch a couple of pounds, but it will do nothing to strengthen your immunity.

Get Enough Sleep

Whilst away, time ceases to become an issue. Usually this is a good thing. It helps us to re-navigate our natural body clocks and whilst we are relaxed and chilled in the day, our nights become longer too. However, lack of sleep can lower your immunity, and going on holiday exhausted will only exasperate the problem. Not only that, but it will take you longer to un-wind and enjoy your holiday.

Try Taking Our Beta Glucan 500

 Beta Glucan 500 activates your immune system, helping it to work at its optimal level. Due to this, your body is more ready to fight off infections before you even know that you have them.

What tips do you have for pre-holiday preparations?