BETA GLUCAN 100+C Food Supplement 100mg + Vitamin C 60capsules in bottle £19

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To Restore Their Body’s Defences, Immune System And Energy To Peak Levels When You Purchase Our Premier And Patented Beta Glucan 100 + C BETA GLUCAN 100+C is recommended support during lighter ailments and prevention.

100% NATURAL – Manufactured From Organic Mushrooms Producing A Totally Safe Way to Turbo Boost Your Body’s Immune System And Scientifically Proven To Be Effective Against Bacterial, Viral and Parasitic Infections
HIGHEST PURITY – Of Any Beta Glucan On The Market (97%) Therefore It Is The Most Effective
PATENTED MANUFACTURING PROCESS – Based On 30 Years Of Research In Achieving The Highest Purity Of Beta Glucan
HIGH ABSORPTION – Due To Our Unique Micronisation (Grinding) Process Which Ensures You Receive Maximum Speed Recovery Thanks To The Fastest Absorption
TESTED – The Best Researchers in Immunology Have Tested Our BETA GLUCAN and Superior Quality Is Confirmed.