The Seafood Diet

beta glucanMany people swear by the seafood diet, and when we look over to countries that regularly consume fish (like Spain, Italy and France) it seems almost strange that we don’t eat more of it.

However, there is still some debate regarding the seafood diet and if it is safe due to the sheer amount of seafood that is involved.

It has even been recommended that pregnant women and young children should not be fed this diet because it may harm them.

But what exactly is the seafood diet and what does it involve?

The seafood diet is a week long diet where seafood is used as your main source of daily protein.

This does not mean that you cannot eat other food such as rice or vegetables, but it does mean eating fish at least once a day for a week and cutting out any unhealthy snacks.

This diet is popular with people that are very aware of their health as it is rich in omega -3, is lower in fat than other meats, it contains lots of B Vitamins and minerals, and of course is a huge source of protein.

When consumed as part of a healthy diet there is nothing wrong with the seafood diet.

However, the main reason that it is thought to be slightly dangerous for people, especially the young and the pregnant is the concerns regarding mercury.

When we humans have oil spills and dump toxic sludge into oceans and rivers we pollute them.

This pollution has an adverse affect on the fish that live in that area.

If the fish have ingested the pollution, they have also ingested mercury.

In high doses mercury is incredibly poisonous to humans and so even though fish usually contain small levels of it, eating lots of fish is looked upon as a bad idea.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with eating fish as part of a balanced diet!