Spring Flowers To Make Your Skin Glow

flowersWe know that spring and flowers often go hand in hand with hay fever for a lot of people, however, they do have some amazing benefits, for both your health and your skin.

Regardless of if you want to add more moisture, need to calm down your skins rosiness in time for those summer snaps, or want to liven up your complexion, flowers can help, and are often used in facial creams and treatments.

We have therefore compiled a very special list of our top three spring flowers that are guaranteed to make your skin glow, and all of their fantastic benefits!


Lavender is a beautiful flower, and is often used in soaps and bath creams, and for a very good reason too! Lavender has antiseptic properties.

This means that not only is it great for putting on any cuts and scrapes to prevent infection, but it also fights bacteria.

Lavender’s ability to fight bacteria means that it’s often recommended to people who have acne or spots as a natural topical treatment.

Of course, if the acne is hormone related, it may not work as well, but environmentally charged acne can be helped through using washes and creams with 100% natural lavender in.


The flower most associated with love and romance, the rose has an abundance of skin benefits, not least of all the fact that it moisturising without being harsh on your skin!

It is also one of the best oils to use if you have redness in your face or on your body as it balances out your skin tone.

Furthermore, like the lavender, rose also has the advantage of having antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

That’s a lot of benefits for one flower, I’m sure you’ll agree!


Most commonly found in tea, the hibiscus flower is a fantastic source of antioxidants (which thanks to the fact that you can consume it is great for both your health and your skin!) and perhaps best of all, has been proven to repair cell damage.

This in addition to its moisture boosting properties means that skin elasticity can be improved, as can the appearance of wrinkles.

Which natural treats to you use on your skin to get that beautiful summer glow?