Stress Relief

stress reliefIn today’s high-tech society we are never even 5 metres away from our smart phones or a computer. We are consistently switched on to every email or buzz from colleagues or clients asking us questions long into the night.

Thus, it is no wonder that more people than ever are reporting signs of stress and even anxiety to their doctors, everything from headaches, to irritability and dizziness. But what can we do to aid stress relief and  help ourselves break this cycle?

 The first thing would be to acknowledge the problem. If you know that you’re checking your phone well into the night, it wakes you up, or you feel like you can’t physically switch it off in case of an emergency, you need to recognise that maybe this isn’t the healthiest of habits.

Everyone needs sleep and if your sleep is being disturbed by your smart phone devices or anxiety relating to them, it is important to change your habits. This could include anything from working on putting these emails and texts into perspective, asking yourself if they really need to be answered straight away, what is the worst that could happen if you don’t, to switching your phone to plane mode throughout the night.

Of course, it isn’t only mobile devices that cause stress. Stress can be caused by a whole array of different things from work and relationships to money trouble. If you can acknowledge that there is one thing that is consistently causing you stress then remember, you are half way to dealing with it! As stress is such a personal thing however, there is no one method that helps. Yet, there are some things you can do to boost your chances of leading a happy and healthy life.

 1.    Exercise, it boosts your immune system, releasing endorphins that make you feel happier!

2.    Talk to people, lack of communication causes problems and stress. Besides, having a chat with a friend can take your mind off any woes.

3.    Treat yourself. Regardless of if it’s to a bubble bath or a new wardrobe. Do something for yourself, relax and enjoy life! Taking time out can help with stress immensely!

4.    Get out of your comfort zone, it boosts confidence enabling you to have a more positive mind set.

5.    Don’t hide from your problems, or rely on alcohol or smoking to comfort you.

6.    Lend a helping hand! Helping others boosts endorphins and you’re making a difference!

7.    Prioritise, nobody expects you to do everything. Prioritise the most important tasks and work your way through them. To-do lists are super helpful too!