Sun Safety

beta glucanI have to admit. I am usually the first to suggest an outing when it is sunny outside. Even if it is freezing cold and the middle of winter, the sight of the sun makes me want to run over hills and take in the fresh air.

However, with summers in the UK heating up, it is important to take our health into consideration before running outside and bathing in the sun. The reasons for this are twofold.

Whilst you need the sun to provide you with Vitamin D, too much exposure to direct sunlight in one go can make you feel very ill very quickly.

Sunstroke is a very common occurrence in the summer as people forget to cover up, stay hydrated and keep out of the sun when it’s at its hottest.

These things are easy to remember when on holiday, but when you are just going about your everyday routine, it can be difficult to take these things into consideration.

It has been discussed and debated for years, but scientific evidence has linked levels of sun exposure to different types of skin cancer.

Nobody can ever stay out of the sun completely (and doing so would be incredibly unhealthy), however, taking the proper precautions such as wearing suntan lotion and covering up using light layers can help.

Other skin concerns include burning and peeling (which don’t look great in holiday snaps!) and premature aging.

So before you run outside, or decide to skip the suntan lotion this holiday and replace it with an oil instead, remember that you’re body is what keeps you going and that you need to look after it to help it work as well as it can.

Besides, nobody wants to look like a lobster in their summer albums, do they?