What Makes Superfoods Super?

superfoodsWe always hear the phrase “superfood”. It’s thrown around everywhere, to such an extent that we don’t really think much past the word.

By saying that a product is rich in superfoods it means that we end up buying into foods that we wouldn’t otherwise, foods that might even have high sugar or calorie counts, yet we don’t notice because we intrinsically see it as healthy.

Although we use it here at Nature & Life weekly for our Superfood of the week feature we always promote natural produce (food that has been grown or harvested from nature), as we know that as a phrase it has a lot of impact.

As such, we want you, our readers, to understand exactly what a super food is and why they are important.

Superfoods at their very basic level are food’s that without any additional ingredients contain a high level of the nutrients that our bodies need to function at their optimal level.

Notably this includes foods that contain a lot of different nutrients as well as foods that contain one nutrient that has a specific benefit to the body.

For example, our Beta Glucan is extracted from mushroom because of the mushroom has high immunity boosting properties and has been clinically proven to do so at a high level if the extract is pure without side effects.

Thus, under this definition, the mushroom is a superfood because of its immunity boosting properties.

Whilst it is important to know that these foods have different benefits in them, it’s also necessary to realise that you can’t get all of your nutrients from one particular food.

The best diets are those that are varied with lots of different fruit, vegetables and seeds.

The phrase superfood is not a term used by scientists, although it has become synonymous with healthy.

As such, I would argue that it has caused lots of people to think about what they are eating more.

Although many people stop at the word without looking into the issues regarding pesticides or processes which go into that food before we buy it, it does provide some much needed guidelines, particularly in the fast paced grab and go culture we are living in.