The Health Benefits Of Tea

teaTea is often seen from the outside as the staple of British life, and in most instances, it probably is.

Regardless of if the tea is “English Breakfast Tea” or green tea, it can be found in most people’s cupboards – and this is fantastic news for our wellbeing, as tea is a fantastic antioxidant and contains lots of health boosting properties!

The antioxidant properties that tea contains are important primarily because they remove the toxins from our blood stream.

These toxins can be anything from environmental pollution to alcohol, and when they are present in our blood stream they can damage cells, leading to illnesses such as cancer.

This is not to say that tea is a cure for cancer at all, but theoretically eating and drinking things with antioxidant properties reduce the amount of toxins in our blood stream therefore reducing the chance of illness, much like when Beta Glucan activates the immune system it enables it to work at a higher level.

Antioxidants are also important in keeping your skin looking healthy.

It’s hard to believe that many people spend lots of money on moisturisers and facial cleansers that claim to be able to reduce wrinkles and keep skin looking healthy, but are completely unaware that what they put into their bodies has a major effect too.

By flushing out all of the toxins from your skin, antioxidants can also make your skin look healthier and cleaner, preventing breakouts and leaving you with healthy looking skin.

Of course, tea also has other health benefits.

Green tea has been proven to help boost exercise endurance, can help fight free radicals (which can damage the bodies DNA), and can help to keep you hydrated.

There are also lots of different types of teas, particularly green teas that are mixed with other herbs that can help keep you awake, or even help you sleep.

It’s an easy and inexpensive habit to pick up, so why not grab a cup of tea, it’s good for you.