Do You Want Healthy Hair and Nails?

hair and nails

Your hair and your nails are probably the two parts of your body that you change the most, with haircuts, colours, nail polish and more.

Therefore, it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine that your hair and your nails are the two parts of your body that you pay the most attention to, and that you want to be glossy and shiny, long and strong.

Of course, we believe in natural solutions to natural problems, which is why we have shortlisted our favourite 3 foods that you can use to boost your hair and nails (and that you can use as treatments as well as treats!)


Blueberries get raved about all of the time, and for good reason!

They are absolutely full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K (important for blood clotting and bone health), manganese (great for your skin and hair growth), and vitamin C (which is great for hair and nail growth).

What is more, like purple shampoos are meant to take away the brassy tones from dyed blonde hair, blueberries, when applied as a hair mask (usually alongside Greek yoghurt and almond oil) can help preserve colour!

Coconuts and Coconut Oil

Delicious, and great for your hair and nails, coconuts and coconut oil are a fantastic natural option to shop brought remedies.

Packed full of vitamin E which when ingested promotes the flow of blood around the body, which in turn helps hair and nails to grow more quickly!

It’s also a great cheap and easy remedy for tired looking hair.

All you have to do is pop it on in the evening, leave it in over night and wash off when you wake up to leave your hair feeling silky smooth. What is more, the coconut oil can be used to remove dandruff!


Avocado’s are a fantastic fruit, and work from the inside out to promote beautiful skin and nails!

Containing lots and lots of biotin, the avocado helps to make both hair and nails stronger and longer, and the omega 3 of which the avocado contains high-levels also helps your locks to stay shiny. What more could you want?

What natural remedies to you swear by to keep you looking and feeling good?

Healthy Eating – Walnuts

When studying healthy eating we’ve all heard about the supposed health benefits of nuts, and how some of them are healthier than others, but it wasn’t until recently that I started to really research into walnuts and understand what makes them so special. healthy_eating_walnutsIn fact, it wasn’t until I started this research that I found out that they date back to 10, 000 BC, making them the oldest known food that originates from trees, or that they contain no cholesterol despite being packed full of fat (and calories!).

Perhaps the most interesting thing that I found however was the fact that despite the huge number of calories per serving of walnuts, they are actually great for diets, and can help you to lose weight because of their high nutritional profile and filling nature.

However, with all the benefits of this super food, there are some questions as to how much a person should eat, and the safety of consuming lots of walnuts frequently. The main concern is that walnuts contain high levels of oxalates (naturally occurring organic acids), and oxalates can contribute to the formation of kidney stones in the body. Yet, spinach also contains a high level of oxalates, and there seems to be little debate about the goodness that spinach holds. Thus, I think it’s safe to say, that the time honoured saying of everything in moderation definitely applies here.

The most talked about health benefit of walnuts however, is the effect that they have on the brain. Walnuts have been thought of for generations as brain food and for good reason. Walnuts are rich in omega 3, which promotes brain health, cognitive brain function and memory. This is great news for anybody that is going to be taking exams soon, as walnuts can  help to retain the facts you have worked so hard to remember, especially as they contain lots of energy promoting nutrients too.

So there you have it. Walnuts.

Walnuts have lots of great health benefits, are an amazing snack, boost energy levels and are great for your heart.

What’s not to love?

Get 2014 Off to a Great Start With a Healthy Mindset

2014 is here! It seems like only yesterday it was summer and everyone’s skin had a healthy glow. Now we find ourselves in that strange winter period after Christmas, when we have stuffed ourselves with as many minced pies and turkey sandwiches as our stomachs would take, blocking it out with promises to ourselves to go to the gym and cut out the sugar. But there is always that doubt in the back of our minds. “Last year it didn’t work – why will this year be any different?”great_start_2014

Well, I shall tell you why. Before you go to the gym (or not), or embark on any fad diet we are going to talk about maintaining a healthy mindset. A healthy mindset is the key to a healthy body, and maintaining a healthy body leads to increased immunity. So, whilst the gym is a great way of looking after your body physically, you need to know how to look after your mind too.

1. The first step towards having a healthy mindset is accepting yourself, flaws and all. If you go to the gym with the mentality of losing weight instead of getting fit and healthy, you may achieve your goal, but you will not be able to accept yourself as readily as if you accept yourself beforehand.

2. The same goes for dieting. Don’t diet because you think you’ve put on too much weight over Christmas, and don’t succumb to any fad diets either. In fact, erase the word diet from your mind. Eat healthily instead. Eat lots of super-foods and cut down on the sugary treats.

3. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Lots of New Years resolutions are made when comparing our lives to those of people that we admire. Our friends, acquaintances, even the fabulous looking lady on the bus! Just remember, they probably have the same hang-ups as you do.

4. Make time for loved ones. Many of us just don’t make time for our friends and family, and even when we do, we’re so plugged into the digital world that we become preoccupied with our Facebook feed or latest Instagram likes! Turn off your Internet and spend time interacting with real humans instead, social interaction is a fantastic way to relieve stress.

5. Get enough sleep! Not getting enough sleep not only reduces your concentration levels, but it is also responsible for lowered immunity. Not only will you feel less energetic but you are more at risk of illness too, so make sure that you get enough sleep!

And, if you still want to join the gym after all of that, then there is nothing stopping you, just as long as your doing it for the right reasons! Getting gym fit is a great resolution- you just have to stick to it.