The Use of Meditation & Diet to Destress

destressStress can be caused by a number of things, from work pressures to your home life, and, unfortunately it can manifest itself in a very physical way from migraines to other muscle pains.

When stress starts to take its toll physically as well as mentally however, this is the point at which most people visit the doctor.

Yet, before taking medication and deciding that that this is the course of action that you are most happy with, perhaps it is worth taking into consideration some more natural relievers such as meditation or even changes in diet.

For most people meditation is not there first thought when they are stressed. It can seem incredibly time consuming and very odd, particularly if nobody around you really talks about it or even seems to know about it.

However, the main way that meditation can help relieve stress is through the fact that it clears your mind.

By allowing yourself time to sit in the peace and quiet and be still, to let it be ok not to worry about looming deadlines or all of the things you have to do tomorrow it can help you to regain focus and if done before bed can help you get a good nights sleep.

The same goes for diet. Needless to say, diets with a high caffeine intake are not particularly helpful when it comes to stress.

This is because the caffeine can affect your body by speeding up your heart rate and even make you feel more anxious. What is more, diets with a high artificial sugar intake can produce similar affects.

By cutting down on the caffeine and artificial sugars you can therefore help reduce anxiety and stress levels to help you feel better and more productive.

Of course, if the effects of stress are more longer term then it may be worth seeing your GP, and even stocking up on some Beta Glucan to help repair your immune system afterwards as high levels of stress often reduces the immune systems ability to stay on top of illnesses making you feel worse.