The Dangers of Sitting Down All Day

Do you spend half of your day sitting down, staring at your screen?

You are not alone, and it can be hard not to in a world where you are stuck at a desk for a large part of your day.

Despite the fact that a lot of people know that this is bad for you, the actual effects of it are not widely known and so, it is just put to the back of our minds.

The further it is from our minds? The less we do to counter it.

The most prominent side effects of sitting down all day according to a study done made up with almost 800,000 people are: an increase in the risk of diabetes, an increase in cardiovascular sickness, an increase in death via cardiovascular sicknesses and general low levels of well being.

All of these conditions have serious health and life altering implications and so, simply changing some key behavior’s can reduce your chance of serious health issues.

The main way to reduce your chance of serious health issues brought on by sitting down too much, thankfully can be broken down and enacted in chunks.

This way you can still do your desk job without getting in to any trouble, and reduce any risks to your health.

This does not however, mean that you can stop doing exercise too!

Every adult needs to do around two and a half hours of exercise every week to stay fit and healthy.

Yet, alternating working whilst standing and working whilst sitting, walking around whilst you are speaking on the telephone, walking over to a colleagues desk instead of emailing them and swapping the television for something a little more active can seriously help to reduce the risk you are putting yourself under.

What do you do to keep yourself active at work?

Activities To Try This Autumn/Winter

beta glucanJust because it’s getting colder out doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the exercise.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways that you can keep yourself fit and healthy without diving into a freezing cold lake or exposing yourself to a whole host of unfavorable elements.

To make it easy for you to stay on top of things this autumn/winter we’ve compiled a few of our favorite activities that may help inspire you to keep up your fitness however dark the days might get.


  1. Yoga

With the darkness gradually enveloping us all, it might be a good idea to keep centred and energised with a nice relaxing yoga class.

Not only can you stretch yourself into shape, but you can also boost your mental outlook at the same time, keeping away that energy draining feeling you can get when you’ve not been exposed to enough light throughout the day.

Best of all? You get to do it inside!


  1. Ice skating

Yes it’s cold, and yes you might fall on your bottom more times than you’d like to admit, but there is something quite romantic about ice skating at this time of year.

Grab some friends and make a day/ night of it. Socialising and exercise, the perfect combination!


  1. Kickboxing 

Fancy something a little more high energy than yoga?

Why not try kickboxing!

The cardio workout can help to tone your muscles and be an outlet for stress and frustration, as well as helping to boost your confidence.

What’s not to love?


  1. Dance 

You may not have danced since you were a little kid, but did you know that it can help keep you energised and alert?

Not only that, but there are tonnes of classes to choose from, and so if you don’t like one, you can always try another!

Dealing With Seasonal Change

beta glucanYou may not have spent the summer lounging around in the sun, drinking pina colada’s and listening to the sea as the sun sets a deep red over the ocean, but the sudden darkness and chill that October brings with it can come as a bit of a shock to anyone.

Not only this, but a lot of people actually blame this sudden change in weather on their health complaints.

More often than not, people will complain that they are feeling run down and not themselves this time of year, but is their any truth to it being because of the weather change, or is it something else?

Well, although cold temperature in itself cannot make you sick, the change in weather can put extra strain on your body.

If you spent the summer eating fruit and exercising, then you are probably less at risk when the weather changes of succumbing to this extra strain.

However, if you spent it lounging by the pool, drinking alcohol and eating junk food, then you may.

The main reason for this difference? Your immune system.

When your body undergoes a lot of stress, the immune system gets weakened.

This does not only have to be mental stress either, it can also mean environmental.

So, when the weather changes and the environmental stress reaches it’s pinnacle, your bodies natural defence gets weakened.

When your immune system is in it’s weakened state, probably helped along by lifestyle choices and other factors, it is more susceptible to germs and illness.

So, yes the change in weather can actually make you feel run down and ill.

However, not all is lost! If you know that you get sick during seasonal changes make sure that you are doing everything that you can for your body.

Eat healthily, drink lots of fluids, exercise and if that’s not enough, try out our Beta Glucan 500.

Hopefully then Autumn will bring you changing colours and surroundings instead of a nasty cold!

Getting Outside

beta glucanAs the days begin to get shorter, and the air turns cooler, it can seem all too tempting to curl up inside and hide from the world.

However, getting outside can be a great way to boost your energy, as well as your mental and physical health. More than that though, it can also help boost your immunity.

In 2009 a study was completed and published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, stating that the closer that people live to nature (streams, woodland, grass land), the more healthy you are and the less likely that you are to be depressed or have high levels of anxiety.

Primarily it is thought that this is because by exposing yourself to nature and being outside you are increasing your vitamin D levels, and because of the natural light, the more time that you spend outside, the more you are able to regulate your body clock.

By regulating your body clock, you are helping your body to fall asleep naturally, which in turn helps you to recharge and feel more healthy and awake. This is good news for your immunity too.

By taking time out of your busy schedule to go outside and take in the environment, you are also taking time for yourself.

This gives us a break from technology and the hectic nature of our every day lives and lets our minds breath.

It might not seem very important but it is in these brief moments when we are alone and are able to get in touch with what is around us, where we are able to reflect on what has happened in our lives as well as the future without getting caught up on worrying that we are able to become centered.

Being centered helps to focus the mind and the body, helping you to become more healthy and helping you to decide that is what you want to be.

Choose Health

beta glucanWe all know that it’s important for us to exercise. The government have even given out guidelines that specify exactly how much exercise we should all be doing.

However, deep down, we already know what the government is telling us. We know that the more regularly you exercise, the healthier you are, the more energy you have and the more resilient you are when it comes getting sick.

Yet, when work and family and one hundred other commitments get in the way it can be a lot more difficult to fit in exercise, or anything else for that matter. So, what can you do?

Apart from the obvious, (taking the stairs instead of the lift, getting off of the bus a stop earlier and even swapping the bus commute for a bike commute instead), there is another option. Choose to exercise.

It sounds ridiculous, but when you actually make time for exercise, regardless of all of your other commitments, it is actually proven to boost not only your health and well-being, but your happiness levels too.

By taking time out, and actually focusing on your health it will help you to de-stress and help you to get back to your own personal equilibrium.

By choosing to exercise you are not just saying that exercise is the most important thing that you can do, but you are giving yourself an opportunity to look after yourself, admit that your health is important and to promote self-care.

Self-care is important as whatever else goes on in your life that may hinder your progress, if you take on the responsibility for looking after yourself and making yourself feel good you will be able to make these good emotions last longer.

Obviously exercising and looking after yourself isn’t going to guarantee a lifetime of happiness, but it certainly helps. Sometimes looking after yourself is your bodies best defence.

Pre Holiday Health Boosts

holidayMany of us will fly to a far-flung destination this summer. However, when we are getting into ‘holiday mode’ and forgetting the 9-5 routine, health considerations seem to just fly away.

Now, we have already covered how to stop yourself from getting sick whilst you are on holiday, but did you know that there are also things that you can do before you go away to ensure that you have a fantastic trip?

These things are simple changes that you can make pre-holiday to make sure that your health is not affected whilst away, either through late nights and unhealthy food that lowers the power of your immune system, or the flights and the micro-bacteria that may be present on food tables and arm rests.

Eat Healthily

If you know that you will be ditching the usual 5 portions of fruit and vegetables whilst away, for chips and burgers then make sure that you eat healthily beforehand. This does not include a pre-holiday diet. To help achieve a stronger immune system before you fly, you need to eat a balanced diet. Cutting out major food groups before you fly may help you ditch a couple of pounds, but it will do nothing to strengthen your immunity.

Get Enough Sleep

Whilst away, time ceases to become an issue. Usually this is a good thing. It helps us to re-navigate our natural body clocks and whilst we are relaxed and chilled in the day, our nights become longer too. However, lack of sleep can lower your immunity, and going on holiday exhausted will only exasperate the problem. Not only that, but it will take you longer to un-wind and enjoy your holiday.

Try Taking Our Beta Glucan 500

 Beta Glucan 500 activates your immune system, helping it to work at its optimal level. Due to this, your body is more ready to fight off infections before you even know that you have them.

What tips do you have for pre-holiday preparations?

Can Owning a Pet Improve Your Wellbeing?

petAnybody that owns a pet will probably tell you how having that pet in their life, be it a cat, a dog or a guinea pig, boosts their mood, but did you know that having an animal that you look after is thought to reduce your stress and therefore may be able to enhance your immune system?

It’s true, the wonders of the human body never cease to be amazing, yet it is ultimately what takes us out of ourselves and helps us to feel for another human being or animal that helps us through life and enables us to attain high levels of wellbeing and health.

Having a pet does this as when you have one you are responsible for it, much like you are when you have a child.

However, unlike a child with a pet the love that they give you is unconditional and they will always need you to look after them, and do things for them.

Having this in your life enables you to better fight off mental health problems such as depression, and the calming effect that even looking at fish swimming in a fish tank can have is amazing.

In addition to this, talking specifically with regards to dogs and larger pets such as horses, the health benefits are a lot more tangible.

The physical fitness that you get from riding a horse, or going for walks with your dog is incredibly important as it helps you maintain your cardiovascular health, and helps you to stay active.

Sometimes, when you don’t have any excuse to go outside, it’s easy to stay at home in bed and watch the television, but when you have a pet that needs walking this is no longer an option.

Come rain or shine this pet needs you to go out, and so you do, and this is where you interact with other people.

Getting outside with your pet opens up conversations, and we need this interaction to help boost confidence and boost our moods.

Thus, having a pet won’t turn you into a world class athlete, but it will help you feel less stressed and could enable you to become more active!

Get 2014 Off to a Great Start With a Healthy Mindset

2014 is here! It seems like only yesterday it was summer and everyone’s skin had a healthy glow. Now we find ourselves in that strange winter period after Christmas, when we have stuffed ourselves with as many minced pies and turkey sandwiches as our stomachs would take, blocking it out with promises to ourselves to go to the gym and cut out the sugar. But there is always that doubt in the back of our minds. “Last year it didn’t work – why will this year be any different?”great_start_2014

Well, I shall tell you why. Before you go to the gym (or not), or embark on any fad diet we are going to talk about maintaining a healthy mindset. A healthy mindset is the key to a healthy body, and maintaining a healthy body leads to increased immunity. So, whilst the gym is a great way of looking after your body physically, you need to know how to look after your mind too.

1. The first step towards having a healthy mindset is accepting yourself, flaws and all. If you go to the gym with the mentality of losing weight instead of getting fit and healthy, you may achieve your goal, but you will not be able to accept yourself as readily as if you accept yourself beforehand.

2. The same goes for dieting. Don’t diet because you think you’ve put on too much weight over Christmas, and don’t succumb to any fad diets either. In fact, erase the word diet from your mind. Eat healthily instead. Eat lots of super-foods and cut down on the sugary treats.

3. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Lots of New Years resolutions are made when comparing our lives to those of people that we admire. Our friends, acquaintances, even the fabulous looking lady on the bus! Just remember, they probably have the same hang-ups as you do.

4. Make time for loved ones. Many of us just don’t make time for our friends and family, and even when we do, we’re so plugged into the digital world that we become preoccupied with our Facebook feed or latest Instagram likes! Turn off your Internet and spend time interacting with real humans instead, social interaction is a fantastic way to relieve stress.

5. Get enough sleep! Not getting enough sleep not only reduces your concentration levels, but it is also responsible for lowered immunity. Not only will you feel less energetic but you are more at risk of illness too, so make sure that you get enough sleep!

And, if you still want to join the gym after all of that, then there is nothing stopping you, just as long as your doing it for the right reasons! Getting gym fit is a great resolution- you just have to stick to it.