Vitamin D & Why You Need It

vitamin dVitamin D is more commonly recognised as the sunshine vitamin, as the main way to get it is through being exposed to the sun.

However, if you are in a country where the sun often refuses to shine or is blocked by clouds it can be difficult to get enough of it.

Thankfully however, there are foods that also contain Vitamin D, such as some types of fish, cod liver oil and egg yolks, and it is often added to things such as yoghurts and cereals.

Yet, for a vitamin that is a little more tricky to add to your diet than say, Vitamin C, Vitamin D has a lot of health benefits, and without it, it can lead to different bone and muscle weakness as well as other health issues.

The main thing that Vitamin D is known for is how it helps to absorb the bodies calcium intake so that the calcium can then go on to strengthen bones, teeth and hair.

Without Vitamin D, the calcium may not be absorbed properly into the body leading to deformities of the skeleton, for example rickets and can lead to osteoporosis.

However, as more and more research gets underway Vitamin D is also being looked at as a possible preventative measure against illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and glucose intolerance.

Vitamin D is also being looked at more closely in terms of the immune system, and although it is not completely understood how yet, it is thought that it can help to stop you getting sick before you’ve even realised that getting sick is a possibility.

It will be fascinating to see the research on this vitamin, however, for the bone strength it’s still extremely worth adding it to your diet and getting out a little when the sun is shining (just remember to take the sun cream!)