We’re On Amazon

amazonNature and Life is very excited to announce that our Beta Glucan 500 is now available on Amazon.com!

Amazon, as you may know is a great provider of new, refurbished, or used items often at low prices.

It’s also super convenient to shop from and a great online outlet that we’ve been working hard to launch on for a while!

It is hardly believable that the go-to online shop was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 as a platform for buying books online shipped from his garage in Seattle, Washington, and now it stocks our Beta Glucan!

Our Beta Glucan can be shipped world wide, although we’ve decided to launch with the American market on Amazon.com.

With more than two million small businesses, retail brands, and individual sellers retail their offerings on Amazon however, we can’t wait to share our product with a wider audience.

For those of you who don’t know our Beta Glucan is a completely natural immune system activator.

This means that it effectively boosts your immune system and enables it to work at its optimal level – great if you have been feeling poorly or rundown and extremely effective if you have allergies.

Due to the completely natural nature of the Beta Glucan and the high purity level, (the highest purity of Beta Glucan on the market at 92-97%) it also means that regardless of any allergies that you may have already, you will not have an allergic reaction to them.

They are also completely vegan and great for anyone who aspires to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

If you’re interested in buying our Beta Glucan 500 you can either buy them on our site www.natureandlife.com or via our Amazon.com page 

What’s more, if you go and “like” our Facebook page, there may even be a discount code floating about you can use!