Why You Should Eat Your Greens

greensYour parents always told you to eat your greens, that it would make you grow up big, strong and healthy. But is there any truth in it?

Well, the phrase “you are what you eat” may be overused but it’s true.

What you put into your body has been proven to have an effect on how it works.

This isn’t to say you should completely cut out things that are ‘fattening’ or rich in certain nutritional values from your diet, its about getting the balance right so that you are getting the optimum nutritional benefit from your food, and green leafy vegetables often contain lots of nutritional goodness.

It is generally recommended that you have five portions of fruit or vegetables a day, and it’s good to make at least three of these the green kind.

This is because your greens are full of vitamins, minerals and immune boosting properties.

Some are even so packed full of calcium that they can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which is great news if you aren’t very fond of dairy products like milk or cheese.

Often they also contain lots of water too, which is brilliant for helping to keep your body hydrated, and is equally as good for both your skin and hair, both of which need to be hydrated to be kept looking their best.

So yes, leafy greens are good for you, and generally when added to a healthy diet will help make you strong and healthy, particularly when they are added to an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

What is more, they also contain lots of disease fighting properties that help to boost the immune system, so if you don’t want to get sick, make sure that you stock up on those green vegetables, and be sure to tell everyone that you really should always eat your greens.